Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The New and the "New". AKA My New Fav'rit Rekkid

My pick for new release of the week is The War on Drugs' Slave Ambient,  a tasty slice of indie rock genre hybridization that has somehow managed to marry the otherwise disparate sounds of earnest American songwriting a la Bruce Springsteen with shoegazing, heavily effected psychedelia. The resulting rekkid is so surprisingly successful that has prompted the indie rock geeks at Under the Radar magazine to attempt to coin the term Boss-gaze to describe it. The album really is quite good and deserves a good attentive listen. However, what I really want to talk about is my "new" release of the week...

A while back I read a raving review in Mojo magazine of a rekkid called Burning Your House Down by the Jim Jones Revue which pushed many of my correct rock and roll buttons. I decided I needed to seek this rekkid out with all possible haste. That was, by the way, the October 2010 issue of Mojo. Since then I have been checking the stores and the release lists to absolutely no avail. While the album was a relatively easy find on the other side of the pond, it could not, it seemed, be had for blood or money in the US. I had just about given up on it when it finally showed up on the release list a few weeks back and, after nearly a year of UK availability, got its US release this week. Hence it is my "new" release of the week and my "New Fav'rit Rekkid".

I like to consider myself a seasoned connoisseur of the garage, garage-rock, garage-punk, trashe, whatever-you-want-to-call-it genre. In fact, in the mid to late nineties it became a bit of an obsession for me, almost to the exclusion of other music. Sonics and Seeds; Stooges and Saints; Squares and Soledad Brothers; I ate it all up and begged for more. I've gotten better since, and my tastes are more diverse than ever right now, but I still have a great love for the big noise. It seems that there hasn't been a tremendous amount of trashe to get excited about of late. The Redwalls don't do much for me, the Black Lips are good but always lead me to other things. I hadn't heard any new garage rock that truly satisfied my jones for the snotty, high-energy rawk drug to which I was once hopelessly addicted in some time. I am here to tell you that Burning Your House Down is the pure stuff.

Shrieking, driving, explosive, evil, blistering, ROCKANDFREAKINGROLLLLL! A prime 33 minute slab of pure, screaming, nasty-guitar-laden, pulsing-piano-peppered, filthy, blasphemous Devil's music good for all of your booty-shaking needs. Lines like "Stuck in the tomb of the unknown blues/ You know it's gonna take the shine off your shoes" sum up the situation quite nicely. As does this: It's like Jerry Lee Lewis and the Stooges had a filthy, snotty, screaming, obnoxious baby and I could not be happier to be its nanny for as long as they'll let me. Available now on, appropriately enough, Punk Rock Blues Records. Did I say "blistering" yet?

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